Kim Meiser

software architect / developer / geek

I focus on C# and .NET. And I am always curious about new things and technologies.

What I Do

I work for itechx, a solution provider specialized in asset management and security services. There I am responsible for software architecture and development and try to build the next generation of our financial connecting and automation platform with my awesome team.


Who I Am

I love to code. And cake. And coffee.

I'm a proud daddy, volunteer firefighter and low-skilled cook. I live in Saarbrücken in the South-West area of Germany. Most of the time I spend on thinking about abstractions, structures and new things.


My Work

With C# and .NET I build distributed / message-oriented / financial related software systems in different scales. Most of this work is not publicly available, so I can't refer to this. Please contact me if you think we should have a discussion about the benefits and downsides of Swift MX vs. Swift MT, settlement process automation, interoperability standards or something else regarding finance back-ends.

In my spare time I play around with programming languages, geographic information systems, development for mobile devices and more geeky stuff. At the local hackerspace I try to build impossible or useless machines, waffle irons, fight mechas or a free and independent communication network.

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